Become part of something special…

When you’re part of The Club you receive:

  • 20% off ANY and ALL your wine purchases
  • Exclusive invitations to events Australia wide
  • NEVER pay full price for anything! You are our VIP
  • Aways get complimentary tastings
  • Backstage pass to the world of wine with the unique events
    and experiences such as Make Your Own Wine
  • Network with other members.
  • Member-only events and experiences
    get invites to bespoke events where you’ll learn, enjoy and meet new people.

Your investment ensures

  • We continue to bring you the best quality clean
    and natural wine made with yours and the planet’s health in mind
  • Funding for grape growers to grow the cleanest,
    highest quality grapes while respecting people, the soil and the planet.
  • Healthy, delicious wine made with passion for
    a healthy, joyful, delicious life.
  • You are directly supporting family businesses
    putting their heart and soul in their craft.
  • Artisan wines made with character celebrating
    diverse climates, terroir and vintages.
  • Keep $$$ with independents not global corporations
    that will ultimately reduce quality and choice

Membership is easy! Just commit to having two dozen of your favourite wines delivered to your door every year…One dozen in April and one dozen in October.

Absolute musts to join:

  • Be over 18
  • Be an awesome person
  • Share our ethos….
    Look after our planet, treat people with respect, and drink good wine.
  • Love a bit of an adventure…and not just in wine!

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