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We'd like to tell you exactly how many generations our family has been making wine from grapes they lovingly grew, but let's face it from 600BC to now you kind of lose count.

It's true our forefathers watched the Mediterranean sun set over their vineyards. Sounds romantic, but so is watching the Southern Cross appear over our moonlit vines every evening in the heart of South Australia's beautiful Fleurieu Peninsula.

At ShowBlock we grow grapes for flavour, not schedules and make wine for friends, not shareholders.

We trust the process and believe that minimal intervention and a natural approach to grape growing and wine making produces unique, authentic and charismatic wines that truly reflect their environment.

We want you to know that when you drink our wines you feel connected to the earth; to know these are wines of integrity that leave a very light environmental footprint; to know we are in this for generations to come.

Life is a joyous celebration, so let's celebrate life together.

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Us, Personally

John's father migrated to Australia from Greece in 1956 and began growing wine grapes in McLaren Vale soon after. Although being taught the art of traditional wine making at a young age, John pursued a career in Engineering. Despite this his passion for wine never left him and in 2008 John began making small batches of hand crafted wine under the ShowBlock label from family owned vineyards. He is now the full time caretaker of ShowBlock Wines. John believes wine is one of the most enjoyable ways to bring friends and family together.

Sarae's career as a prominent Naturopath spans three decades. Her achievements in this field are numerous and include President of the Organic Federation of Australia (SA),  host of a popular radio health segment, author and keynote speaker.  Sarae's involvement in the winery comes seamlessly as she believes in helping people enhance their lives through joyous celebration and a positive attitude, as well as choosing clean, natural and healthy products.

Thank you for choosing our wines

Sarae & John Adamopoulos